Project Overview

The project idea is to increase the level of physical activity of people 50+ and promote popularization of grassroote sport and physical activity of all citizens offering them equal opportunities. In recent years has increased interest of older people for fitness and aerobics or other group exercises, because of the awareness about healthy living, the desire to body shape or weight loss. Men are mosty interested in fitness, women in group exercises. Most of group exercises are design and intended primarily for young people. Therefore older participants feels uncomfortable and unable to carry out the exercises. In our project we will develop and pilot test special group of excercises WO&MEN FIT! for persons 50+, who have limitations according to age and physical ability (illness, heath problems, disability etc.). Training programme of group exercises will be client oriented respecting their individual needs and abilities. We will promote healthy lifestyle at the same time. The WO&MEN FIT! Exercises will be intended for both sexes, women and man.

WO&MEN FIT! group exercises will be design for indoor and outdoor excecution, for two difficulty levels. Both of them people will implemented using their own weight, whithout any sport accessories. Indoor exercises will take place in gym and halls. Outdoor exercises will take place in parks, fileds, yards, gardens, forest etc. with aplication of nature “facilities” (tree trunk, tree stump) and things around (bench, wall, drugs).

Two target groups will benefit from the results of the project: the trainers and participants on training 50+. The final users of project results will be trainers, coaches, advisers and mentors in sport organisations/associations/fitness clubs/aerobics clubs which will complete their programs with newly developed group exercises program WO&MEN FIT!, get new skills and competences on this topic. The persons 50+ will have new possibility to be physical active.
Instructions for excersises will be available on project web site – Guideline (written and on-line aplication) with pictures and video, and possiblity to upload aplication on mobil phone.

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